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Updated custom payment module documentation to clarify process and remove obsolete directions.
Fixed code formatting issues.
Used 'mypaymentmodule' as the example since creating your own 'payment.modules.mynewprocessor' can cause path problems.
Added note on strict formatting of the ConfigurationGroup key.

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File docs/custom-payment.txt

 Here is a stub you can use to create your own processor::
-	from payment.modules.base imort BasePaymentProcessor, ProcessorResult
+    from payment.modules.base import BasePaymentProcessor, ProcessorResult
     class PaymentProcessor(BasePaymentProcessor):
         def __init__(self, settings):
             # Set up your configuration for items like
             # Test server, url, various flags and settings
-        	super(PaymentProcessor, self).__init__('example', settings)
+            super(PaymentProcessor, self).__init__('example', settings)
         def capture_payment(self):
             # Send the data via the appropriate manner and return a ProcessorResult
 Create the new configuration group::
-    _('My New Processor Payment Settings'),
-    requires=PAYMENT_MODULES,
-    ordering=102)
+        _('My New Processor Payment Settings'),
+        ordering=102)
+.. Note:: The key of the ``ConfigurationGroup`` must be the module name, upper-cased.
+For example, if your custom payment module was located in ``mypaymentmodules.mynewprocessor``,
+the ``ConfigurationGroup`` should be given the key 'PAYMENT_MYNEWPROCESSOR'.
+The reason for this is that the ``active_gateways()`` function in ``payment/`` attempts 
+to automatically determine these keys by appending the upper-cased module name to 'PAYMENT_'.
 Now register the settings you need::
-    config_register([
-        StringValue(PAYMENT_GROUP,
-            'KEY',
-            description=_("Module key"),
-            hidden=True,
-            default = 'MYNEWPROCESSOR'),
-        ModuleValue(PAYMENT_GROUP,
-            'MODULE',
-            description=_('Implementation module'),
-            hidden=True,
-            default = 'satchmo.payment.modules.mynewprocessor'),
-        BooleanValue(PAYMENT_GROUP,
-            'SSL',
-            description=_("Use SSL for the checkout pages?"),
-            default=False),
+    config_register_list(
             description=_("Accept real payments"),
             description=_('Your Processor password'),
             description=_("Verbose logs"),
             help_text=_("Add extensive logs during post."),
-    ])
+    )
 All of these settings can be accessed in your ``__init__`` method (shown above).
 For example, the LIVE value above can be accessed by using ``settings.LIVE.value``
 The ```` file contains the information that maps your processor views to the existing
 views or your own custom view.
-For most people, the views contained in payment.common.views will be sufficient.  The example below
+For most people, the views contained in payment.views will be sufficient.  The example below
 maps these views to views already available in Satchmo::
     from livesettings import config_get_group
         return render_to_response(template, context)
-All of the current satchmo payment views are in ``/payment/common/views``.
+All of the current satchmo payment views are in ``/payment/views``.
 Please review these before trying to build one of your own!
 Url configuration
     config = config_get_group('PAYMENT_MYNEWPROCESSOR')
     urlpatterns = patterns('satchmo',
-         (r'^$', 'payment.modules.myprocessor.views.pay_ship_info',
+         (r'^$', 'mypaymentmodules.myprocessor.views.pay_ship_info',
                         {'SSL':config.SSL.value}, 'MYNEWPROCESSOR_satchmo_checkout-step2'),
          (r'^confirm/$', 'payment.modules.trustcommerce.views.confirm_info',
                         {'SSL':config.SSL.value}, 'MYNEWPROCESSOR_satchmo_checkout-step3'),
-         (r'^success/$', 'payment.common.views.checkout.success',
+         (r'^success/$', 'payment.views.checkout.success',
                         {'SSL':config.SSL.value}, 'MYNEWPROCESSOR_satchmo_checkout-success'),
-            'payment.modules.myprocessor',
+            'mypaymentmodules.myprocessor',