Add an auto-skip filter field

Issue #3 resolved
Marc Paquette created an issue

When I process my iPhoto library, there are low-res version of some photos that look like a duplicate (but blurred). In my case, as I assume will be the case for every iPhoto user, their path always contain "/Data.noindex/".

Would be nice if we could add a string to auto-skip a photo if its path contains it.

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  1. paul rule repo owner

    Great idea - I've added a table for exclude patterns and populated it with "/Data.noindex/" - on start up it'll delete rows in the db where the path contains these patterns, and when you import a directory they'll be skipped.

    No files will be deleted from the disk.

    I'll have to do a UI to manage these excludes, but the next release will at least exclude and cleanup your files.

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