Terms of Use

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About this Repo

This repo contains the NODE Objective-C framework, along with a sample iOS project demonstrating basic NODE functionality.

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Compatible Devices

This framework is compatible with any Apple iOS product that is BlueTooth 4.0 low energy enabled. These devices include:

  • Apple iPhone 4s and newer
  • Apple iPad 3rd Generation and newer

Connection Helper

There is a helper class that eliminates most CoreBluetooth boilerplate code available on Bitbucket here.

Getting Started

To get started quickly on iOS, see our Getting Started Guide.

Getting Started Screencast

You can find a screencast to help you get up and running quickly here.


The most reliable source for documentation of the API is through the header files included with the framework. The documentation of our API is also hosted on Cocoadocs, but is sometimes not up to date.

Required Frameworks

In order to compile successfully, your application needs to link against the following frameworks:

  • CoreBluetooth.framework
  • CoreLocation.framework
  • libz.dylib
  • libsqlite3.dylib
  • GLkit.framework
  • Accelerate.framework
  • SystemConfiguration.framework

iOS Simulator

Apple removed BTLE support for the iOS simulator as of iOS7.

Revision Notes


  • T2 alpha support.


  • Thermocouple correction added to thermocouple readings.


  • Updated Chroma flow (API Key from Variable required).


  • ChromaPro support added


  • Adds simulator architectures to framework


  • Combines releases and api demo repos

Version 4.2.1

  • Fixes code signing issues

Version 4.1.0

  • Release for iOS 8

Version 4.0.1

  • Removes Google analytics
  • Add support for Chroma 2.0

Version 3.5

  • IMPORTANT: This release requires firmware release v21.16 for NODE2 devices
  • Adds device-level time stamping support for Clima and Therma data
  • Adds device-level time stamping support for motion data
  • Fixes issues with proper scaling for ACC/Gyro values
  • Adds support for motion event logging
  • Adds ability to put NODE into radio silent mode
  • Replaces space with underscrore in framework name (requires update of #import statements)

Version 3.4

  • Fixes bug in quaternion data ordering

Version 3.3

  • OXA Support updated for connection to both ModA & B
  • IO Module support added

Version 3.2

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 3.1

  • Upgrade for iOS 7
  • Adds ability to set BLE connection paramaters

Version 3.0

  • Updated for Node revision 2 devices

Version 2.4

  • Update for Chroma 1.1 Production Support (color optimization for Chroma), whitepoint calibration, and Chroma temperature

Version 2.31

  • Minor update that adds ability to rename and reboot device

Version 2.3

  • API updated for data logging (Clima only - other data streams coming soon)
  • The library is now distributed as a framework ** Your #import "libNode.h" statements will need to be changed to #import <Node/Node.h>

Version 2.2

  • Library updated
  • Fixed bug in demo app that caused Node to not always stream Kore data after connecting

Version 2.1

  • Library headers have been split into multiple files.

Version 2.0

  • Rewrite (simplification) of library. All connection management and device discovery has been removed. See the included demo project for an example of how to use.

Version 1.2

  • Adds ability to see devices connected to by other apps

Version 1.1

  • Now compatible with iOS 6

Version 1.0

  • Changed data format of VTSensorReadings from INT_16 to float. All readings are now given in standard units.

Version 0.9

  • Added ability to control on-board LEDs
  • Added VERA module capability
  • Added OXA module capability

Version: 0.8

  • Initial public release of libNode iOS.

Copyright (c) 2011-2012, Variable Technologies All rights reserved.