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    def Map<String,String> instructions = new HashMap<String,String>() 
    def Set<String> exclusions = new HashSet<String>()
    def Boolean condense = false
+   def Boolean includeTestDependencies = false
 class GradleBndPlugin implements Plugin<Project> {
                     outputJar = new JarOutputStream(
                                     new FileOutputStream(oldJar.toString()))
-                    ((project.configurations.compile as List) + new File(newJarName)).each { file -> 
+                    depJars = (project.configurations.compile as List) + new File(newJarName) 
+                    if (project.bnd.includeTestDependencies)
+			depJars = depJars + (project.configurations.testCompile 
+as List)
+                    depJars.each { file -> 
                         matcher = ( =~ pattern)
                         if (matcher.matches()) jarBaseName = matcher[0][1] else jarBaseName = null
                         if ((jarBaseName != null) && !(jarBaseName in project.bnd.exclusions)) {
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