I doubt that there will ever be a stable version of xlwt3.

"xlwt3" is the Python 3 port of "xlwt" 0.7.2

"xlwt3" is 100% API compatible to "xlwt" 0.7.2 ( but all module names changed to lower-case names, and formula parsing related modules moved to the subpackage 'xlwt3.excel'.


Library to create spreadsheet files compatible with MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 XLS files, on any platform, with Python 3.1+


  • xlwt -- John Machin, Lingfo Pty Ltd <sjmachin AT>
  • xlwt3 -- Manfred Moitzi, Python 3 port <mozman AT>


BSD-style (see

External modules required

The package itself is pure Python with no dependencies on modules or packages outside the standard Python distribution.

Quick start:

import xlwt3 as xlwt
from datetime import datetime

style0 = xlwt.easyxf('font: name Times New Roman, color-index red, bold on',
style1 = xlwt.easyxf(num_format_str='D-MMM-YY')

wb = xlwt.Workbook()
ws = wb.add_sheet('A Test Sheet')

ws.write(0, 0, 1234.56, style0)
ws.write(1, 0,, style1)
ws.write(2, 0, 1)
ws.write(2, 1, 1)
ws.write(2, 2, xlwt.Formula("A3+B3"))'example.xls')


Any OS: Unzip the .zip file into a suitable directory, chdir to that directory, then do:

python install


pip install xlwt3

Documentation - Sphinx based HTML documentation

or use the original "xlwt" 0.7.2 documention at and replace every "xlwt" with "xlwt3" or use:

import xlwt3 as xlwt

Documentation can be found in the 'doc' directory of the xlwt3 package. If these aren't sufficient, please consult the code in the examples directory and the source code itself.


Try the following in this order:

  • Read the source
  • Ask a question on
  • E-mail the xlwt maintainer <sjmachin AT>, including "[xlwt]" as part of the message subject.
  • E-mail the xlwt3 maintainer <mozman AT>, including "[xlwt]" as part of the message subject.


  • xlwt is a fork of the pyExcelerator package, which was developed by Roman V. Kiseliov.
  • "This product includes software developed by Roman V. Kiseliov <roman AT>."
  • xlwt uses ANTLR v 2.7.7 to generate its formula compiler.
  • a growing list of names; see HISTORY.html: feedback, testing, test files, ...