6-d Anomaly Cancellation / Main.out

\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section.1}{Toric Elliptic Fibrations}{}% 1
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.1.1}{Toric Sections}{section.1}% 2
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.1.2}{Matter Content}{section.1}% 3
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section.2}{Single-Block SU\(n\)}{}% 4
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.2.1}{The Toric Discriminant Case}{section.2}% 5
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.2.2}{The Non-Toric Discriminant Case}{section.2}% 6
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section.3}{Abelian Theories}{}% 7
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.3.1}{Single U\(1\)}{section.3}% 8
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section.4}{Toric SU\(n\) Models with Abelian Factors}{}% 9
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section.4}{Bibliography}{}% 10
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