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Dmitrii Pasechnik
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Currently lists some subset of all available in GAP things - and the rest are not available. I often find myself adding stuff there...

Is it possible instead to create on the fly (just once), in the same way as tab completions are created for maxima library interface? Then nothing will be missed.

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  1. Volker Braun repo owner

    This is really a Sage question, as that file is only in Sage.

    There are lots of undocumented GAP functions that we IMHO shouldn't make available in the tab completion. I don't know how to get the list of "blessed" functions automatically. You can always define missing functions interactively using something like

    sage: FreeGroup = libgap.function_factory('FreeGroup')

    But if you have anything that should be in then definitely put it in there.

  2. Dmitrii Pasechnik reporter

    In GAP dev-tree there are scripts to generate the index file for the GAP documentation. I imagine the index items are more or less the things we want to put into

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