Volker Braun avatar Volker Braun committed 2e11565

removed a final print

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  			if (s->empty()) {
  				return ex_to<numeric>(overall_coeff).mul_dyn(oc);
-@@ -904,9 +747,77 @@
+@@ -904,9 +747,72 @@
 +		s->push_back(expair(new_exp, _ex1));
 +	mul * result = new mul(s, ex_to<numeric>(overall_coeff).mul_dyn(oc));
-+	using namespace std;
-+	cout << "eval_exp " << endl;
-+	result->dbgprinttree();
 +	return result->setflag(status_flags::dynallocated);
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