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Toric Varieties

Final Exam

The final exam is a Sage worksheet. You have time until Friday, 13. May 2011. You should have already contacted Robert Helling if you want to participate. He will give you an account on where you should login to work on the final. Further instructions are in the Sage worksheet. There is also a PDF hardcopy just in case.

Starting Sage in the CIP computer pool

This script downloads and runs the newest version Sage-4.7.alpha. Use this for the first exercise session today, as the Sage version that is already installed is too old:

user@cip:~$ /home/cip/mktmpaa/

This starts up the installed Sage version 4.6.1:

user@cip:~$ export SAGE_BROWSER=firefox
user@cip:~$ sage -notebook

Note that the notebook does not work in Konqueror, you need to use for example the iceweasel browser.

Lecture Notes

Here is the current state of the lecture notes.

Sage Worksheets

Use rightclick and Sage Link As... to save the worksheet to your computer. Then go to the main Sage notebook page, click on Upload, and Choose file...

Day 4

  1. Resolutions of the hyperconifold, part 2
  2. Kähler cones

Day 3

  1. Chow group and cohomology
  2. Homogeneous coordinates
  3. The polyhedron of a divisor

Day 2

  1. Conifolds and the Milnor number
  2. Fans
  3. Resolutions of the hyperconifold

Day 1

  1. Introduction to Sage
  2. Python and Cython