VAST Challenge 2015

This repository contains the following items prepared for the VAST Challenge 2015:

  • Submission Entries: MiniChallenge 1 (MC1), MiniChallenge 2 (MC2) and Grand Challenge (GC)
  • The source R code
  • The R markdown for describing the data processing and visualization process.
  • Processing Sketches
  • Images generated in R
  • Reviewer's comment

The intention behind this repository is to promote reproducibility in research and to share the analysis process with those who are interested in participating the VAST challenge in the future or learning R. We performed most of the analysis in R and source codes are shared here. We also included reviewer's comments because we found it very useful to review the strengths and weaknesses of our submissions, and to strategise analysis approach for the future VAST challenges. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Entry Overview: Videos

VAST Mini Challenge 1

VAST Mini Challenge 2

VAST Grand Challenge

Presentation Slides

IEEE VIS VAST - Oct 25, 2015



Reviewer_1 Reviewer_2 Reviewer_3 Reviewer_4
MC1 5 4 4 3
MC2 4 4 4
GC 2 3 4 4

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