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added History.tobe_undone and History.tobe_redone

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-* Should each wildcard match one ast node?
 * Maybe we can put checks inside args, too::
     pattern: ${project:type=rope.base.project.Project}.pycore
-* how to decide which wildcard should be used when searching?
-* how to pass wildcard parameters to matchers
 * matchers might need to type-check or use other matchers
-* matchers may update ast mappings
 * how to say what matched a node in replacements?
 * how to pass replacement args to replacements?
 * how to decide which wildcard should be used when replacing?


     undo_list = property(lambda self: self._undo_list)
     redo_list = property(lambda self: self._redo_list)
+    @property
+    def tobe_undone(self):
+        if self.undo_list:
+            return self.undo_list[-1]
+    @property
+    def tobe_redone(self):
+        if self.redo_list:
+            return self.redo_list[-1]
 class _FindChangeDependencies(object):


+    def test_tobe_undone(self):
+        change1 = ChangeContents(self.file1, '1')
+        self.assertEquals(None, self.history.tobe_undone)
+        self.assertEquals(change1, self.history.tobe_undone)
+        change2 = ChangeContents(self.file1, '2')
+        self.assertEquals(change2, self.history.tobe_undone)
+        self.history.undo()
+        self.assertEquals(change1, self.history.tobe_undone)
+    def test_tobe_redone(self):
+        change = ChangeContents(self.file1, '1')
+        self.assertEquals(None, self.history.tobe_redone)
+        self.history.undo()
+        self.assertEquals(change, self.history.tobe_redone)
     def test_undo_limit(self):
         history = rope.base.history.History(self.project, maxundos=1)
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