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documenting checks deprecation in Restructure.get_changes()

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         apply the restructuring on.  If `None`, the restructuring will
         be applied to all python files.
+        `checks` argument has been deprecated.  Use the `args` argument
+        of the constructor.  The usage of::
+          strchecks = {'obj1.type': 'mod.A', 'obj2': 'mod.B',
+                       'obj3.object': 'mod.C'}
+          checks = restructuring.make_checks(strchecks)
+        can be replaced with::
+          args = {'obj1': 'type=mod.A', 'obj2': 'name=mod.B',
+                  'obj3': 'object=mod.C'}
+        where obj1, obj2 and obj3 are wildcard names that appear
+        in restructuring pattern.
         if checks is not None:
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