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prefixing rope-find-file should show python files only

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 see all files in the project; files are shown as their reversed paths.
 For instance ``projectroot/docs/todo.txt`` is shown like
 ``todo.txt<docs``.  This way you can find files faster in your
+project.  ``rope-find-file-other-window`` (``C-x p 4 f``) opens the
+file in the other window.  With prefix, these commands show python
+files only.


         if self.autoimport is not None:
             starting = source[starting_offset:offset]
             names.extend(x[0] + ' : ' + x[1]
-                         for x in self.autoimport.import_assist(starting))   
+                         for x in self.autoimport.import_assist(starting))
         return starting_offset, names
     def _check_autoimport(self):
             prefix = prefix[:common]
         return prefix
-    @interactive
-    def find_file(self):
-        file = self._base_find_file()
+    @rawprefixed
+    def find_file(self, prefix):
+        file = self._base_find_file(prefix)
         if file is not None:
-    @interactive
-    def find_file_other_window(self):
-        file = self._base_find_file()
+    @rawprefixed
+    def find_file_other_window(self, prefix):
+        file = self._base_find_file(prefix)
         if file is not None:
-    def _base_find_file(self):
+    def _base_find_file(self, prefix):
-        files = self.project.get_files()
+        if prefix:
+            files = self.project.pycore.get_python_files()
+        else:
+            files = self.project.get_files()
         names = []
         for file in files:
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