Anonymous committed e034b15

renamed rope-occurrences-goto-occurrence to rope-occurrences-goto

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         lisp.set(lisp["next-error-function"], lisp.rope_occurrences_next)
-        lisp.local_set_key('\r', lisp.rope_occurrences_goto_occurrence)
+        lisp.local_set_key('\r', lisp.rope_occurrences_goto)
         lisp.local_set_key('q', lisp.delete_window)
     def show_doc(self, docs, altview=False):
 def message(message):
     lisp.message(message.replace('%', '%%'))
-def occurrences_goto_occurrence(other=True):
+def occurrences_goto(other=True):
     if lisp.line_number_at_pos() < 3:
         lisp.forward_line(3 - lisp.line_number_at_pos())
     end = lisp.point()
-    start = lisp.point()
-    line = lisp.buffer_substring_no_properties(start, end)
+    line = lisp.buffer_substring_no_properties(lisp.point(), end)
     tokens = line.split()
     if tokens:
         filename = tokens[0]
         resource = _interface._get_resource(filename)
         LispUtils().find_file(resource.real_path, other=other)
         lisp.goto_char(offset + 1)
-occurrences_goto_occurrence.interaction = ''
+occurrences_goto.interaction = ''
 def occurrences_next(arg, reset):
     if lisp.eobp():
         lisp.message("Cycling rope occurences")
-    occurrences_goto_occurrence(other=False)
+    occurrences_goto(other=False)
 occurrences_next.interaction = ''
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