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Added additional HTML5 syntax file

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+" Vim syntax file
+" Language:     HTML (version 5)
+" Maintainer:   Rodrigo Machado <rcmachado@gmail.com>
+" URL:          http://rm.blog.br/vim/syntax/html.vim
+" Last Change:  2009 Aug 19
+" License:      Public domain
+"               (but let me know if you liked it :) )
+" Note: This file just adds the new tags from HTML 5
+"       and don't replace default html.vim syntax file
+" HTML 5 tags
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained article aside audio bb canvas command datagrid
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained datalist details dialog embed figure footer
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained header hgroup keygen mark meter nav output
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained progress time ruby rt rp section time video
+" HTML 5 arguments
+syn keyword htmlArg contained autofocus placeholder min max step
+syn keyword htmlArg contained contenteditable contextmenu draggable hidden item
+syn keyword htmlArg contained itemprop list subject spellcheck
+" this doesn't work because default syntax file alredy define a 'data' attribute
+syn match   htmlArg "\<\(data-[\-a-zA-Z0-9_]\+\)=" contained