CoExpresso: Protein co-regulation in the human proteome

For more details see upcoming manuscript (submitted).


Access the web service via

You can investigate any group of human proteins (number < 40) for their co-regulation in human cells. The app provides statistical evidence for their co-regulation, shows different visualizations and compares the restults to protein-protein interations in STRINGdb.

Installation of own shiny server

You need to install the necessary R libraries and also place the files for the randomized protein groups in the folder PCS. The files are available upon request (7GB).

Used R libraries: shiny, shinydashboard, STRINGdb, igraph, lattice, plyr, biomaRt, gplots, data.table, ,clusterProfiler,

Running R script for generation of randomized protein groups and evaluation of protein complexes (from the CORUM database)

Execute after modification to include correct paths and installation of all libraries.

Be aware that you need at least 32 GB of memory and a lot of patience to run this script.