FuzzyClust Shiny App

The app applies fuzzy c-means clustering to multi-variate data. The parameters of the algorithm are calculated automatically or can be chosen from validation indices. You can test the app at


Fuzzy c-means clustering Parameters are estimated according to Schwämmle, V. and Jensen, O. N. A simple and fast method to determine the parameters for fuzzy c-means cluster analysis. Bioinformatics, 2010, 26, 2841-2848. PubMed

Data input

Input file is csv containing only the to-be-clustered values and optionally row and column names. Output file provides membership values. Be aware that cluster members with a maximum membership value below 0.5 are not shown in the figure and should no be considered.

How do I run the program?

The easiest way is to install RStudio on your computer and run it from there. Alternatively, you can run the files on a shiny server environment.


For bug reports and general problems, please submit an issue.