libFB V. 0.2.5

Note: old archived version from 2003


This library uses the Linux frame buffer as a graphic device to draw lines, rectangles, pixels. For now it supports only packed pixels (the majority of ix86 video cards uses that format) at 16 and 32 bpp. At 32 bpp transparency is also supported on drivers that provide this functionality. Perhaps 8 bit support will be added in a future release. It is possible to use this library to run graphics programs such as games, CADs, and browsers directly from the console, without having to even install X-Windows.

At this stage the library provides the basic functionality of a graphics library, it is able to: - Draw pixels, lines, squares - Read input from the keyboard (through ncurses) - Draw text with custom fonts (uses psf format)

In the source package there is also a program named fbjpeg that is able to render jpeg images on the console using libjpeg from the IJG (Indipendent JPEG Group).

Help is always well accepted, if you are interested, please send me an e-mail


First of all check out the first lines of the Makefile in root directory of the sources and change those settings according to your system. To build everything type 'make' in the source directory. To install type 'make install', the library will be copied by default in /usr/lib and some links will be created. The fbjpeg program will be installed by default in /usr/bin. Look at the Makefile to change all these settings. The tests and the examples will not be copied anywhere since they are only usefull for developers interested in debugging and using libFB in their programs.

Reporting bugs & contact info

The AUTHORS file lists all people who contributed to this library, if you can track down a bug to a change in the ChangeLog file, please refer to the correct person.

Feel free to contact us for any info. Bug reports are always welcomed, but if you succeed to track it to a single source file or single function, that will be much appreciated.

For all copyright info read the COPYING file