RuleDUMP test fails on RHEL7 when built in a mock chroot

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Taylor Braun-Jones created an issue

I'm creating a Fedora package for vera++ and would like to enable the unit tests in the RPM spec file, but one is failing when I build it in a epel-7-x86_64 chroot. Note that if I just build it on my actual RHEL7 machine, all the unit tests pass. The one line that's failing the unit test check is:

Expected: 4/0 msext_stdcall __stdcall

Actual: 4/0 identifier __stdcall

See attached build.log for full details.

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  1. Gaƫtan Lehmann

    This is most likely because you are using the system boost to build vera++. Unfortunately boost is not behaving the same on unix and windows, and this can only be changed at compile time. We are building boost inside vera++ because of that.

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