Vera++ segfaults when built with Lua 5.3

Issue #74 new
Taylor Braun-Jones created an issue

Based on the name of the CMake file FindLua51.cmake, I'm guessing that only version 5.1 of Lua is officially supported? I'm trying to package vera++ for Fedora and the last two unit tests are failing:

 78 - RuleL001.lua (Failed)
 79 - RuleT019.lua (Failed)

See attached .spec file use and the associated root.log (note version 5.0.0 of gcc and version 5.3 of lua) and build.log.

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  1. Gaƫtan Lehmann

    This mostly depends on the luabind version. The last stable luabind version only works with lua 5.1.

    If you only have an old version of luabind compared to lua in fedora, there is an option in vera++ to build lua and luabind statically in vera++.

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