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Update the Changes page

Make sure that Changes is up to date. Update if necessary and update the submodule in the repository.

Change the version number

The version number should be updated in the maint branch for a maintenance release and from the master branch for a major release. Maintenance releases should only change the build version, not the major and minor version.

Update VERA_MAJOR, VERA_MINOR and/or VERA_BUILD from the main CMakeLists.txt. Rebuild vera++, run all the tests and commit this single change in the expected branch.

If this is a major release, merge the master branch in the maint branch with

git checkout maint
git merge master

Push the changes in maint and master in the main repository.

It's better to wait for the nightly builds to make sure that all the tests are still passing.

Tag the new version

Either from the maint or master branch, run the command

git tag vVERSION

where version is the new version number.

Generate the packages

Checkout the expected version with

git checkout vVERSION
git submodule update

Make sure that the source tree is clean with

git status

then create a build directory and configure the build with CMake. If a binary package is also generated a on that system, also make sure to set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to Release.

Generate the packages_source and package_doc targets.

Generate the binary package on Mac OS X.

Generate the binary package on Microsoft Windows.

Upload the four packages (source, doc, win32 and Darwin) packages to

Update the Install page

Update the links and version number in the Installation page.

Make an announcement