XML report server usage

add xml_report_server.svh to the project. In the top level environment add:

`include "xml_report_server.svh"

at the top of the file, then in the environment add a new member variable

class example_env extends uvm_env;
    xml_report_server xml_reporter;

then in constructor, create the xml_reporter:

  // new
  function new (string name, uvm_component parent=null);, parent);
    xml_reporter = new;
  endfunction : new

finally after all the components have been built, enabled XML logging:

  function void end_of_elaboration_phase(uvm_phase phase);

Log Viewer Prototype

in sub-directory xml_log_viewer Requires Python 3.2 or later.

python3 log.xml

log.xml is generated from a test using the xml_report_server class, described above.