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File sqlserver_ado/

 import adodbapi as Database
 ##import adodbapi.ado_consts as adc
 ## Database.adodbapi.defaultCursorLocation = adc.adUseServer # TODO: remove or sanitize this (VDC)
-import adodbapi.remote as Remote   # either the local or remote driver will be selected later... load both now.
+# NOTE: adodbapi.remote may be dynamically imported below
 from introspection import DatabaseIntrospection
 from creation import DatabaseCreation
         connection_dictionary = make_connection_dict(self.settings_dict)
         if 'proxy_host' in connection_dictionary:
+            import adodbapi.remote as Remote   # dynamic import to avoid importing Pyro4 if not needed
             self.connection = Remote.connect(connection_dictionary, conn_args)
             self.connection = Database.connect(connection_dictionary, conn_args)