I had completly forgotten that I created this project on bitbucket
until I came back for another reason.

So I hurry quick did a little cleaning on my old code and sent it up.

This will get some real improvements, some day, I hope, when I have
the time.  Until then, here it is in it's present state, with no
setup and a funny set of features.  There is an database in zip format
 of a slightly improved copy of the 1999 US zip code table, and a
 python module which can access it and calculate distances based on it.

 This is version 0.0 then.
   -- version 0.1:   fix bug for zero distance (same point)

 Copyright 2013 Vernon D. Cole

 permission to use granted.

 No warranties of any kind apply. If you use it, and your nuclear reactor blows up, too bad.
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You must find the database zip file in the "downloads" section of bitbucket.
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