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Lee Kelleher
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On the description of this package it states that I should be able to add multiple google map data types to the one document type...but as soon as I add a second map (or more), both maps become statis images and you cannot search/place the push pins etc.

I've tried this on version 2.0 and 2.0.1 that was released today and neither work. I'm using Umbraco 4.7.0 with the Razor dll downloaded from a recent nightly to get some of the new functionality and bug fixes rolled out in that latest version.

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  1. Sam Moore

    I'm gonna work on this later tonight or tomorrow morning, do you know if ClientDependency minifies the js? if so, is there is a way to keep the javascript from being minified so I can debug it in the browser? thanks.

  2. Lee Kelleher reporter
    • changed status to open

    Hi Sam,

    We're not currently using ClientDependency for the JavaScript - we're adding a <script> tag to the page, see the code in 'ResourceExtensions.cs'.

    With ClientDependency, you can disable it by setting the <compilation debug=false> in your Web.config - that will output any CSS/JS as <style>, <script> tags.

    Do feel free to add any improvements to the code.

    Thanks, - Lee

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