HTTPS SSH test app (Hairsplitter)

This is an app that lets you run a semi-static micro blog on


Download the archive or clone this repository with Mercurial.


Rename config.example.js to config.js change the password and deployment directory and run test.js or deploy to (see Deployment below).


Put your app logic in the request handling code in app.js, or use a HTTP framework if you wish but make sure to emit contents of process.env['2038_READY'] when listen succeeds (that is, request can be sent your way) and stop the process as soon as you respond to the request and clean up.

Run node test.js to test your app locally.


Upload all files to a subdirectory in your apps directory (exactly 1 level deep). For example package.json should end up in /apps/hairsplitter/package.json.

Then wait about 10 seconds for packages to be installed. The NPM log will be written to npm.log in app directory.

Access the app with!/hairsplitter/.... All console output will be logged to app.log in the app directory.

Note that /!/hairsplitter part will remain in the request url.