Formatter::HTML::MPS is a tool for writing presentations. You can
write your slides in a single file using the lightweight markup
language Markdown, adding some simple markup to identify slides and do
misc configuration.

Your file will then be converted to a single HTML file, with a default
CSS file for @media projection that will show your single file as a
set of slides.

The module comes with the command line utility that
uses the module to convert MPS files to HTML, and has a few options.

Each slide is formatted using the Markdown format. In
addition to that, a simple format is used to set variables and to
denote new slides. 

All MPS directives start with ';'. Comments start with ';;'.

To indicate a new slide, use the 'newslide' directive. I.e., start the
line with:

  ; newslide

To set a configuration variable, use the 'set' directive. I.e.:

  ; set VAR = VALUE

Currently, supported variables are:

 * output_format: only 'xhtml1.0_strict' is supported. Example:

        ; set output_format = xhtml1.0_strict

 * title: the title of the presentation.


$ test.mps

Supported browsers
In theory, the default CSS should be usable with all HTML viewers that
support the projection media type in CSS. In practice, this has only
been tested with the Opera browser (where you can press F11 to enter
"projection mode").

More information
Markdown: <URL: >
OperaShow: <URL: >