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Stail is a tool for tailing files over SSH. It can connect to a server directly, or by first going through another server using SSH port forwarding, and it will then call the tail command and echo the output.

At the moment, it's not such a big improvement over just doing it yourself if you have SSH installed, but the idea is that it will be expanded in the future with pattern matching and filtering. Other suggestions are welcome, please file an issue.


Usage: stail <OPTIONS> username@host:/path/to/file

    -via HOSTSPEC     Tail file on remote host by using SSH forwarding through the specified host.
                      Local port to be used for port forwarding can also be specified.


To use stail like this, you first have to build it and set up a wrapper script. A sample wrapper script can be found in the source. To use this script, first download it, download the pre-built jar file (or build it yourself) and set the environment variable $STAIL_JAR to point to it.

If you are building stail yourself, you can use sbt assembly to build a self-contained jar file.


Connecting directly to a server


Connecting via another server

stail -via