What is OpenCC-python?

OpenCC-Python is a Python wrapper for Open Chinese Converter


To install opencc-python:

pip install opencc-python

How to use it?

You need to install opencc command tool first, if you are using Windows, the command tool is already attached in the package, you can use it right away. Following is a simple example

# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
import opencc
cc = opencc.OpenCC('t2s')
print cc.convert(u'Open Chinese Convert(OpenCC)「開放中文轉換」,是一個致力於中文簡繁轉換的項目,提供高質量詞庫和函數庫(libopencc)。')

And the output should be

Open Chinese Convert(OpenCC)「开放中文转换」,是一个致力于中文简繁转换的项目,提供高质量词库和函数库(libopencc)。

There are four build-in configurations in opencc.BUILDIN_CONFIGS,

  • t2s - Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese
  • s2t - Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese
  • mix2t - Mixed to Traditional Chinese
  • mix2s - Mixed to Simplified Chinese

To use a customized path to opencc command tool, you can pass opencc_path parameter like this

cc = opencc.OpenCC('t2s',

To use your own configuration, you should change the data_path, too

cc = opencc.OpenCC(config='/path/to/my/config',