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Bindings for Genshi templating support under Pyramid.

To use pyramid_genshi, simply include pyramid_genshi in your Pyramid main function:


And you can use it as you use other template:

def home(request):
    return 'Hello world'


To adjust output format, you can change genshi.default_format

genshi.default_format = xhtml

To adjust output encoding, you can change genshi.default_encoding

genshi.default_encoding = cp950

To adjust output doctype, you can change genshi.default_doctype

genshi.default_doctype = html5

To adjust the default i18n domain, you can change genshi.default_domain

genshi.default_domain = my_domain

To adjust template auto reloading, you can change genshi.auto_reload

genshi.auto_reload = False

For available options, you can reference to

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