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aafig: Improve package short and long description

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 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
 long_desc = '''
-This package contains the aafigure Sphinx extension.
+This package contains the aafigure_ Sphinx_ extension.
-Allow embeded ASCII art figure to be rendered as nice images.
+.. _aafigure:
+.. _Sphinx:
+_aafigure is a program and a reStructuredText_ directive to allow embeded ASCII
+art figures to be rendered as nice images in various image formats. The
+aafigure_ directive needs a *hardcoded* image format, so it doesn't goes well
+with Sphinx_ multi-format support.
+.. _reStructuredText:
+This extension adds the ``aafig`` directive that automatically selects the
+image format to use acording to the Sphinx_ writer used to generate the
 requires = ['Sphinx>=0.6']
     author='Leandro Lucarella',
-    description='Sphinx extension aafig',
+    description='aafig Sphinx extension',