redis-haskell / redis-haskell.cabal

name:                redis-haskell
version:             0.0.1
stability:           Alpha
synopsis:            haskell bindings for redis
description:         haskell bindings for redis
category:            Database
license:             BSD3
license-file:        LICENSE
author:              Alvaro Videla <>
maintainer:          Alvaro Videla <>

build-depends:       base>3 && <5, network
build-type:          Simple
extra-source-files:  RedisTest.hs, StringsExamples.hs
tested-with:         GHC==6.8.2, GHC==6.10

exposed-modules:     Database.Redis, Database.Redis.Protocol, Database.Redis.Serializable,
                     Database.Redis.DBM, Database.Redis.Keys, Database.Redis.Strings, Database.Redis.Key
                     Database.Redis.Lists, Database.Redis.Misc, Database.Redis.Persistence, Database.Redis.RSCC
                     Database.Redis.Sets, Database.Redis.Zsets

ghc-prof-options:    -prof -auto-all
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