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explicitly declares exchanges on start up

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 (ns resizer.core
   (:use [resizer.consumer :as rc]
-        [resizer.resizer :as rz]))
+        [resizer.resizer :as rz]
+        [resizer.fabric :as rf]))
+(def exchanges [
+                {:name "cloudstagram-broadcast-newimage" :type "fanout" :opts {:durable true}}
+                {:name "cloudstagram-new-image" :type "direct" :opts {:durable true}}
+                {:name "cloudstagram-upload" :type "direct" :opts {:durable true}}
+                ])
 (defn -main []
   (println "Connecting to Mongodb")
+  (println "Initializing Fabric")
+  (rf/init-fabric exchanges)
   (println "Starting RabbitMQ Consumers")
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