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Referring to the land of origin Qing "of spiritual masterpiece" is to landmarks Ham Rong - Song Ma. Who ever in the South to the North, through faith "land of fire" in the past, where the painted glass, sacred air converged and developed from the Dong Son culture must also flow between the Ham Rong bridge connecting image banks of the Ma River, his head on Mount Jade, Mount Dragon; green river meanders quietly ignored heavy sediment transport, carrying what they thought of reverse sweep anchoring of the boys and girls of Thanh ...

Located on the famous Sam Son Beach, À La Carte Invincible will bring a totally new level of tourism to the North Central Vietnam, led to the idea to help guests enjoy the holiday beyond regular holiday tradition. A La Carte offers accommodation Sam Son in Thanh Hoa and have Wi-Fi, outdoor pool and BBQ facilities. Resort has a spa center and sauna, while guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

In addition, the a la carte sam son hotel also features a bar, private beach, golf course, tennis courts, a sports gym with enough equipment for your practice useful exercises, good for health health, spa area of ​​the hotel are updated all the latest treatments, the best tool for customer service, help you have a beautiful body and vitality. a la carte sam son hotel suitable for all investors tourists, from family, personal hotel, guests can take the company to the union of the groups attending events and conferences.

a la carte sam son hotel would advise travelers to book tours to the famous landmarks of Thanh Hoa such as Ham Rong bridge, Hon Trong Mai, Sam Son Beach, Lam Kinh, the Ho Dynasty, Dong Son relics... Or can enjoy delicious food specialties here as nem chua, shrimp rolls, rolls, salad curved fish, salted shrimp, Harrows gear, hemp bread,...

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