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Located within landscaped with plants, the rock water bay resort boasts natural shape pool stunning ocean views. It offers luxurious rooms with private balconies located a 15-minute drive from Phan Thiet. Rock Water Bay is nestled in Ke Ga, from Ho Chi Minh City is about 3.5 hours away by car. Guests who want to explore the area can rent a car at the hotel.

Resort has a total of 86 rooms and service facilities with panoramic views of the sea. The rooms are fully equipped with air conditioning, TV, bathroom with shower, etc. The resort also offers fun activities such as bathing, saltwater pool, spa pool, enjoy excellent cuisine, relax with Ocean Spa, visit fishing villages and lighthouses Ga ...

The unique features of rock water bay resort must also mention the phrase saltwater pool marble with many large and small adjacent lake, close to the sea but very safe. View from above phrase as pool carved into the granite natural park and connected to the sea. Sea water is brought in from filtration process then leads into the pool should remain pure water in your pool with sea minerals for good health, with the only difference was in cleaner and greener.

Drop special hot pot dish rock water bay resort is suitable for groups of friends or family from 4 persons or more. A hotpot but there are 3 ways to enjoy: First used as appetizer with crispy rice paper, rice paper placed on a few vegetables, meat, eggs, shrimp and sweet and sour fish salad, add some sauce on top and rewards the form of roll the rum crispy, sweet and sour spicy fish salad bar.

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