My Dotfiles for Bash...



  • battery_prompt.rb now supports rbenv


  • bash function server() changed. Auto open url function disabled...


  • battery_prompt.rb now support osx internal notification. requires gem install terminal-notifier


  • bash completion for bundler


  • bash completion for


  • shift+TAB menu completion inputrc
  • CDPATH variable for env. Here is an example CDPATH

    export CDPATH=$CDPATH:"~/Desktop:~/Development"

now you can make: cd Desktop/ anywhere in the file system


  • screen status prompt


  • Remainin battery hours indicator has been added via show_remaining variable. show_remaining = true or show_remaining = false due to retina display's mbp...


  • Turkish Date settings has been removed from shell/env


  • "z script" has been added as submodule. you must init and update: git submodule init and git submodule update after pull or clone

I use these tools

All my env / bash has been configured to use them as comfortable as i can.


Clone the repo as Dotfiles in to $HOME

cd $HOME
git clone git:// Dotfiles

Create symlinks to related files:

ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/shell/bash_profile ~/.bash_profile
ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/rc/bashrc ~/.bashrc
ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/rc/ackrc ~/.ackrc
ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/rc/gemrc ~/.gemrc
ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/rc/inputrc ~/.inputrc
ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/rc/irbrc ~/.irbrc
ln -sv ~/Dotfiles/rc/nanorc ~/.nanorc

Also, i use some extra gems for irb and pow. I assume that you have rbenv installed:

gem install wirble
gem install ori
gem install awesome_print
gem install powder           # for pow

You can put your private libs under private/ dir. Its in the .gitignore file.


There are few extra candies for your prompt shell aka PS1. These are:

  • free_memory: Shows current available memory in Gigabytes. (G)
  • ip_list_prompt: Shows you current ip addresses depending on interfaces.
  • git_prompt: Shows your git repo / branch / hashID and more...
  • rbenv_prompt: Shows your current Ruby version.
  • battery_prompt: If AC Power is not on, you'll see the battery information. Original code is written by Alex McPherson
  • mysql_prompt: If mysql.server status is running, it prompts!
  • screen_status: Show running screen sessions. [new]
  • postgres_status: If pg_ctl exists, it checks the status and prompts if its running [new]

Example Screens

Example Image 1

Example Image 2

Example Image 3

Example Image 4

Example Image for Screen 5