Bitbucket Trello Broker

NOTE: This is designed to be installed and run on Atlassian's Bitbucket servers, something they have no intent of doing. It can be modified to use Bitbucket's POST hook instead (which is what we have done at our company, but that code is not public).


Whenever you push a commit to Bitbucket containing references to Trello cards, the commit message is posted as a message on your Trello board.

A reference to a card is a # followed by the card's "short ID". This ID is the one visible when you click the card (in the lower right corner).

Required service parameters:

key: Your API key. Get it at

token: An API token. Get it at,write (replacing <KEY> with your API key).

board: ID of the board to use. This is the last part of the URL when you're visiting a board on Trello. For example the board ID for the board at is 4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000c.