A Bash script for making a video out of your LaTeX paper. Assuming your paper is under Mercurial version control, the script compiles and compares every revision of your document and makes a video showing the evolution of the whole writing process.


The following software is required for the project to work

  • A working LaTeX environment with pdflatex
  • latexdiff
  • ImageMagick suite
  • FFmpeg


The code runs with the following syntax:

./ <repository dir> <grid size>
  • <repository dir> is the directory containing your LaTeX document
  • <grid size> is an argument looking like "10x5", meaning that the final video will show rows of 10 pages and columns of 5 for a total of 50 pages

The script will run for a long time, and eventually will output a file called 'out.mp4' with the evolution of your document commit to commit. In addition, a directory called 'img' contains all the source images, in case you want to generate a video with different parameters.

Known issues

  • The code can fail for several reasons, and there is no check for those conditions. This is because pdflatex and bibtex will probably fail (since not every commit is guaranteed to compile to a well-formed document), so "safety" Bash switches remain disabled until then
  • The Unicode arrow symbol may not display correctly in some environments
  • If a version fails to compile, the end result is an almost entirely red paper. When no output is produced, the code should skip to the next revision

latexpand was created by Matthieu Moy and it's distributed under BSD License. Homepage: