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small tweaks

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File semanticeditor/media/semanticeditor/javascript/wymeditor/plugins/semantic/wymeditor.semantic.js

 	    $(this).attr('id', 'id_optsbox_label_' + i);
 		orbitalPosition: 270,
-		spacing:         10,
+		spacing:         15,
 		tooltipClass: 	 'orbitaltooltip-simplebox',
 		html:            help

File semanticeditor/media/semanticeditor/javascript/wymeditor/skins/semanticeditor/skin.css

 	    overflow-y: scroll;
 	    overflow-x: hidden;
 	    border: 2px solid #607e98;
+	    padding: 2px;

File semanticeditor/utils/

     # Strip existing divs, otherwise we cannot format properly.  If
     # there are other block level elements that mess things up, we
-    # raise BadStructure later, but divs have so semantics so can just
+    # raise BadStructure later, but divs have no semantics so can just
     # be removed.