Luke Plant committed b166d16

Added placeholders for the 'classes' and 'commands' lists

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     init: function(wym) {
-        //render following sections as panels
+        // render 'classes' as a panel, but remove contents
+        // (will be added later dynamically)
-	    .remove();
+	    .addClass("wym_panel").find("li").remove();
+        // add an additional box for 'commands'.
+        // This will be filled in later in the 'semantic' plugin.
+        wym._options.layoutCommandsSelector = ".wym_layout_commands";
+        jQuery(wym._box).find(wym._options.classesSelector).before('<div class="wym_layout_commands wym_section wym_panel"><h2>Commands</h2><ul/></div>');
         //render following sections as buttons
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