Vinay Sajip


A Python API for the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). This project was originally hosted on Google Code (no public repository - it was just used for downloads and issue tracking).


Low-level parts of packaging/distutils2 which implement the relevant PEPs and which could be used by third-party packaging tools to achieve interoperability, enhanced with additional features for dependency resolution, package resource management and more. Works with Python 2.x and 3.x with a single codebase. Documentation available at and test coverage results are at


The logutils package provides a set of handlers for the Python standard library's logging package. Some of these handlers are out-of-scope for the standard library, and so they are packaged here. Others are updated versions which have appeared in recent Python releases, but are usable with older versions of Python and so are packaged here. Downloads of logutils can be found at


Subprocess Allegedly Rewards Good Encapsulation :-)


The documentation for distlib


The documentation for sarge.


A tool to create Python-runnable zip archives from Python packages and modules.


The documentation for Distil


A simple native executable launcher for Python scripts.

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