Vinay Sajip  committed 00dffa5

Fix bug in reading HTTP response.

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File distlib/

 # Copyright (C) 2012 The Python Software Foundation.
 # See LICENSE.txt and CONTRIBUTORS.txt.
+import codecs
 from collections import deque
 import contextlib
 import json
         if headers.get('Content-Type') != 'application/json':
             logger.debug('Unexpected response for JSON request')
-            #data ='utf-8')
+            reader = codecs.getreader('utf-8')(resp)
+            #data ='utf-8')
             #result = json.loads(data)
-            result = json.load(resp)
+            result = json.load(reader)
     except Exception as e:
         logger.exception('Failed to get external data for %s: %s', url, e)
     return result