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 # Theme options are theme-specific and customize the look and feel of a theme
 # further.  For a list of options available for each theme, see the
 # documentation.
-#html_theme_options = {}
+html_theme_options = {'collapsiblesidebar': True}
 # Add any paths that contain custom themes here, relative to this directory.
-#html_theme_path = []
+html_theme_path = ['themes']
 # The name for this set of Sphinx documents.  If None, it defaults to
 # "<project> v<release> documentation".

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   :pep:`386` in `this section
   <http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0386/#setuptools>`_ -- it's perhaps the
   most widely used Python version scheme, but since it tries to be very
-  lexible and work with a wide range of conventions, it ends up allowing a
+  flexible and work with a wide range of conventions, it ends up allowing a
   very chaotic mess of version conventions in the Python community as a whole.
 * The proposed versioning scheme described in :pep:`386`, in `this section

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    .. attribute:: adjacency_list
       Dictionary mapping distributions to a list of ``(other, label)`` tuples
-      where  ``other`` is a distribution and the edge is labeled with ``label``
+      where  ``other`` is a distribution and the edge is labelled with ``label``
       (i.e. the version specifier, if such was provided).
    .. attribute:: reverse_list
                 during dependency resolution. Currently, if this set is non-
                 empty, it will contain 2-tuples whose first element is the
                 string 'unsatisfied' and whose second element is a requirement
-                which couldn't be satisified.
+                which couldn't be satisfied.
                 In the set of :class:`Distribution` instances returned, some
                 attributes will be set:
       :param filetype: The type of the file being uploaded. This would have
                        values such as ``sdist`` (for a source distribution),
                        ``bdist_wininst`` for a Windows installer, and so on.
-                       Consult the ``dstutils`` documentation for the full
+                       Consult the ``distutils`` documentation for the full
                        set of possible values.
       :param pyversion: The Python version this distribution is compatible
                         with. If it's a pure-Python distribution, the value

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 server, though they can be configured to run against PyPI itself. This local
 test server is not bundled with ``distlib``, but is available from:
-This is a slightly modified version of Ralf Schmitt's `pypiserver
-<https://github.com/schmir/pypiserver>`_. To use, the script needs to be copied
-to the ``tests`` folder of the ``distlib`` distribution.
+This is a Ralf Schmitt's `pypiserver <https://github.com/schmir/pypiserver>`_
+(make sure you get a recent version). To use, the server script needs to be
+copied to the ``tests`` folder of the ``distlib`` distribution.
+If the server script is not available, the tests which use it will be skipped.
 First steps