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 If the server script is not available, the tests which use it will be skipped.
+PYPI availability
+If PyPI is unavailable or slow, then some of the tests can fail or become
+painfully slow. To skip tests that might be sometimes slow, set the
+``SKIP_SLOW`` environment variable::
+    $ SKIP_SLOW=1 python setup.py test
+on Posix, or::
+    C:\> set SKIP_SLOW=1
+    C:\> python setup.py test
+on Windows.
 First steps
 attribute of the index to a suitably configured instance. For example::
     >>> from distlib.util import HTTPSHandler
-    >>> verifier = HTTPSHandler(ca_certs='/path/to/root/certs.pem')
+    >>> verifier = HTTPSHandler('/path/to/root/certs.pem')
     >>> index.ssl_verifier = verifier
 By default, the handler will attempt to match domains, including wildcard
 <http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication>`_. While ``distlib``
 supports SNI where Python supports it, Python 2.x does not include SNI support.
 For this or some other reason , you may wish to turn domain matching off. To do
-so, just set an attribute on the verifier::
+so, instantiate the verifier like this::
-    >>> verifier.check_domain = False
+    >>> verifier = HTTPSHandler('/path/to/root/certs.pem', False)
 Getting hold of root certificates