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 has yet been made: to work with the project, you need to clone the source
 repository or download a tarball from it.
+Coverage results are available at:
 The source repository for the project is on BitBucket:


       Initialise an instance with the locator to be used for locating
-   .. method:: find(requirement)
+   .. method:: find(requirement, tests=False)
+      Find all the distributions needed to fulfill ``requirement``.
+      :param requirement: A string of the from ``name (version)`` where
+                          version can include an inequality constraint, or an
+                          instance of :class:`Distribution` (e.g. representing
+                          a distribution on the local hard disk).
+      :param tests: If ``True``, include requirements which are only needed for
+                    running tests. Otherwise, leave these out.
+      :returns: A 2-tuple. The first element is a set of :class:`Distribution`
+                instances. The second element is a set of problems encountered
+                during dependency resolution. Currently, if this set is non-
+                empty, it will contain 2-tuples whose first element is the
+                string 'unsatisfied' and whose second element is a requirement
+                which couldn't be satisified.