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elixir3 / release.howto

How to make a release:

- svn up
- change version in CHANGES, add release date and link to upgrade notes if any
- change version in __version__ (elixir/__init__.py)
- change version in setup.py
- change version in setup.cfg (trac link)
- make sure API doc generates properly: apydia -v -c setup.cfg
- commit

- make tag in subversion
    "svn copy http://elixir.ematia.de/svn/elixir/trunk
              http://elixir.ematia.de/svn/elixir/tags/%s" % version

- build tar.gz, egg for 2.4 and 2.5 and send them to pypi.
  On my system (Unbuntu gutsy):
    python2.4 setup.py egg_info -RDb "" register bdist_egg upload
    python2.5 setup.py egg_info -RDb "" sdist bdist_egg upload

  or, you could also set an alias up like this:
    python setup.py alias -u release egg_info -RDb ""

  On older systems, you might need to upload the files manually to Pypi.

- add version to the trac, mark milestone as completed

- announce release on our news page (link to CHANGES)

- announce release on those lists:
    - Elixir <sqlelixir@googlegroups.com>
    - SQLAlchemy <sqlalchemy@googlegroups.com>
    - TurboGears <turbogears@googlegroups.com>
    - Python announce <python-announce-list@python.org>

- announce it on freshmeat