Searching keys for the full fingerprint returns an empty set

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Anonymous created an issue

Consider the following pastebin: As per that pastebin, searching for the entire fingerprint returns the empty set, yet searching for the key ID, which is the last 16 digits of the fingerprint turns the correct key.

However, this is only partially. As you can see, I have two keys imported. Both have fingerprints, key IDs and other information. Yet, calling gpg.search_keys() on one key returns the key, while on another returns the empty set.

This might be two separate bugs. If so, I don't mind creating a second bug for returning one public key, but not the other.

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  1. Vinay Sajip repo owner

    Please write a short script which shows the problem with DEBUG logging enabled for gnupg, and post the script, the output and the log here. The log should show what is being passed to gpg and what is coming back, which should help to identify the problem.

  2. Aaron Toponce

    I understand that search_keys() is searching by default, unless a keyserver is specified. Here's the full output for my key: However, I can search for fingerprints on the MTI page just fine: Thus, the bug.

    Re: not finding the other key, which does not exist on a keyserver. In reality, it should work offline, searching the local keyring, rather than going out to a keyserver. That's why I suggested opening a second bug.

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