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 #sybase sybasemodule.c
-# Generic (SunOS / SVR4) dynamic loading module
+# Generic (SunOS / SVR4) dynamic loading module.
+# This is not needed for dynamic loading of Python modules --
+# it is a highly experimental and dangerous device for calling
+# *arbitrary* C functions in *arbitrary* shared libraries.
 #dl dlmodule.c


 #include "allobjects.h"
-#include "modsupport.h"
 #include <sys/types.h>


    generated by the keyboard (e.g. SIGINT) are delivered to all
    threads (e.g. SGI), while in others (e.g. Solaris) such signals are
    delivered to one random thread (an intermediate possibility would
-   be to deliver it to the main thread -- POSIX???).  For now, we have
+   be to deliver it to the main thread -- POSIX?).  For now, we have
    a working implementation that works in all three cases -- the
    handler ignores signals if getpid() isn't the same as in the main
    thread.  XXX This is a hack.