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Replace "Digital Creations" with Zope Corporation in one place.
Update the table of releases.

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 Creations; see \url{http://www.zope.com/}).  In 2001, the Python
 Software Foundation (PSF, see \url{http://www.python.org/psf/}) was
 formed, a non-profit organization created specifically to own
-Python-related Intellectual Property.  Digital Creations is a
+Python-related Intellectual Property.  Zope Corporation is a
 sponsoring member of the PSF.
 All Python releases are Open Source (see
+  \linev{2.1.2}{2.1.1}{2002}{PSF}{yes}
+  \linev{2.1.3}{2.1.2}{2002}{PSF}{yes}
+  \linev{2.2.1}{2.2}{2002}{PSF}{yes}
 \note{GPL-compatible doesn't mean that we're distributing