Doesn't work with OS X framework build

Issue #31 resolved
Carl Meyer
created an issue

Ned Deily discovered this at PyCon and was planning to dig into it more and try to discover the cause. I'm not sure of the current status.

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  1. Vinay Sajip repo owner

    I'm a little surprised, as I build a framework build and install it, create a venv from that, then run the tests in that (on Leopard - I have no access to a more recent OS X version). All tests used to pass, I now get occasional failures in test_tcl (hard to reproduce) but that's about it.

  2. Carl Meyer reporter

    Hmm, that's odd indeed. Ned Deily reported that in his case sys.prefix was not set correctly in the virtual environment. I think he was on Snow Leopard? Possibly even Lion? You may want to connect directly with him to explore this further; I have no OS X of any version so can't be much use.

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